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Muse by Sirenaloreley
Really not sure about this one, but it's the first drawing of Nero I've made since... forever, so yeah. Also that's why I called it 'Muse'... Nero is always my first source of inspiration...

Sorry for no background but I don't know what to put on there... and also, I suck at drawing backgrounds ^^U Actually, I guess that's the real reason XD...

Hope you like it ^^


Lorena Leiva
Current Residence: Argentina (and sometimes, Hell)
Favourite genre of music: From Heavy Metall to Classic... a bit of everything...
Favourite style of art: Traditional
Operating System: o.oU... Windows XP (that's the answer, right?)
MP3 player of choice: ...anyone... just wanna listen to music *lol*
Wallpaper of choice: DEVIL MAY CRY 4 (Dante and or Nero)
Skin of choice: ...human skin? o.oUU
Favourite cartoon character: Dante, Nero, Vergil, Vincent Valentine, K' (from KoF), Junpei (from Persona 3), Amaterasu (from Okami), Bayonetta, Alucard (from Hellsing)
Personal Quote: Oigame, no~~!! *meek voice*

A ver si esto anda...

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 8, 2011, 1:52 PM
  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: Silence... -_-
  • Reading: Stephen King
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Viewtiful Joe
  • Eating: Cookies
  • Drinking: Juice

Wow, hace cuántos siglos que no subo nada al Journal...? lo que es más, hace cuánto que no... subo nada??
Necesito ponerme a dibujar... Necesito... inspiración...

T__T Dónde andará mi musa...

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TheMerryWolf Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday!
Sirenaloreley Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Thank you!!! :heart: :heart: 
FrostyVixen92252 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Your icon!;W;
Sirenaloreley Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014
:hug: :rose:
FrostyVixen92252 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Rebeccachu-Chan Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014…………

By looking at these images and all, the world from Devil May Cry 4 in design is a big dynamo. It's like a modern dark fairy tale or a contemporary Dungeons and Dragons fantasy world! In fact, the world of DMC4 is one big fantasyland!

The reboot world? Blah. Just another average urban teen fantasy world, much like Cassandra Clare created her own. DMC4's world and environments are superior! ;)

And DMC4 was released back in 2-5-2008, before Capcom turned our backs on began in 2010, I think, is what when the company turned their back on us and gave us that uglified Dante redesign. :X I still hate the new Dante...
Rebeccachu-Chan Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014
You know, just by watching the entire cutscene-filled movie of the Devil May Cry reboot, it plays out like a bad episode of the CW's Supernatural, Buffy, or Angel, in addition to being a Mortal Instruments/Cassandra Clare rip-off. 

If Joss Whedon saw the reboot, then he'd sue Ninja Theory for stealing his style from one of his supernatural teen TV dramas. Just shows how unoriginal the reboot is. :sigh:
Sirenaloreley Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014
Also, don't forget the 'They Live' rip-off.
I mean, it's not bad to make references related to art, literature, movies, etc on a videogame... the bad thing is doing it while pretending it's "all original", and that's what Ninja Theory did.
Rebeccachu-Chan Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014
Yeah, I know. The more I think about the reboot, the angrier I get
Rebeccachu-Chan Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014
I am very sad to see a once beloved and innovative gaming franchise like Devil May Cry get ruined and so hated because of all this, so way to go Ninja Theory and Capcom for teaming up and giving us a Dante we don't need. From the heights of the third and fourth games, when it was still in its prime, and to the rancid past few years with a huge battle between the publisher and developer from the fans before its release, which culminated with a bad-beyond-belief reboot and it bombed in terms of sales. The venom spewed over the reboot would have melted everyone if so many people weren’t waiting for Bayonetta 2 or playing Metal Gear Rising at the time instead. In a desperate attempt to get into the Call of Duty crowd-appeal machine, the final product came up with something far, far worse. Even the gameplay and the storyline and the characters were botched to the point you wonder what the hell everyone involved was thinking. Some lessons learned here, foremost being not to outsource to below-par developers in the US and Europe.

Devil May Cry was an instant hit for Capcom in 2001, with the first game (released on the PS2 originally defining the Action Hack-and-Slash genre and creating the Stylish Action subgenre. co-written and directed by Hideki Kamiya, who would go on to PlatinumGames and make Bayonetta and The Wonderful 101 and Scalebound. The first game was marvelous before the second game (released in 2003) went off the rails. In hindsight, it was the first sign of what was coming. But the series stormed back with a phenomenal third game (with the viciously difficult original released in 2005 and the easier and content-packed Special Edition released in 2006) that had some awesome gameplay and the introduction of Dante's evil twin brother. The momentum was retained with the equally great Devil May Cry 4 (Which saw the series come onto a Microsoft console for the first time), with the best gameplay ever in the whole series, and despite being rushed out of the door, still remains true to the spirit of the original series. And that was it. The announcement of the reboot and the reveal of the drastically redesigned Dante in 2010 both shocked and angered many fans, and the next two years - from the devlopment to the game going gold before its release - were even worse, as they waged a huge battle between the publisher/developer and themselves. When fans are openly hostile to a video game series they once loved due to changes they don't need, you didn't stick the landing. You malfunctioned in mid-air and crash-landed on the ground.
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